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Re: NJS web

Sun 3-24-2002 3:22 PM

Zake, the pictures are fantastic. Many thanks. Can you make a good copy of the

picture of Tasha and Bubby (our printer doesn't have the best resolution) and

send it to me (along with the wedding pictures that I still don't have)? Have a

good Passover and keep writing.

Love, Dena

Sat 3-23-2002 4:18 PM

Re: NJS web

hi there!

looked at some of the pics - she is VERY cute!! looks as if she has a very

happy life. i liked the one with the monkey, watching tv.

have a very happy passover,

love, sharona

Wed 3-20-2002 9:42 PM

Re: NJS web


We loved the fashion show in the virtual fitting room. Nastasja looks so different now.




Wed 3-20-2002 1:52 PM

RE: NJS web

It looks good. Waiting for more birthday photos.


Wed 3-20-2002 1:45 PM

RE: NJS web

I was checking out the page yesterday, and saw free-standing and walking

stasja! unbelievable... she is amazing.


Mon 2-4-2002 6:01 AM

Re: pictures

I probably pulled N_GC.jpg off your website.

Thanks for cleaning up our favorite shot of Pat Da Bunny!




Thu 1-17-2002 8:43 AM

Re: More pictures posted on Nastasja website

The Christmas pictures look great!

I just got back to my office in Bonn. Plan to leave in a few days to be with Carol for her surgery.



Tue 1-15-2002 8:47 PM

RE: More pictures posted on Nastasja website

Great pics Zake! Nastasja is the cutest niece I have. ;)



Tue 1-15-2002 6:47 PM

Re: More pictures posted on Nastasja website

Brava, Diva!


Re: More pictures posted on Nastasja website

Tue 1-15-2002 10:37 AM

looks great --thanks for sending the link


Tue 1-15-2002 9:27 AM

RE: More pictures posted on Nastasja website

The site looks great. The big photos are nice, although I cant get them all

into my screen at once. I love the additional photos and text on the

clustered links.


Mon 11-5-2001 4:44 PM

RE: NIMDA / Cisco Q's from Zake

I love the proofs from six weeks! They're great!


Cya soon,


Fri 10-12-2001 12:41 PM

RE: Baby!


This kid is getting big! I like the beard(?) thingy you're growing. What's



Fri 7-6-2001 3:02 PM

RE: Baby pictures



You most definitely did NOT send me this link! Your daughter is

BEAUTIFUL!!! You and your wife make lovely children -- keep it up

(kidding, only kidding...).

Looks as if all the [family] are enjoying playing w the new baby!


Thu 6-21-2001 <five times>

FW: Niece photos!

fyi, i send Nastasja's web address out to a bunch of people, and thought you

might like to see some of the responses!

talked to gerry this morning on his cell phone! got a good connection, but

had to go through an att operator first to get through to the number.

hope all 3 of you are well!



She's adorable...I can't believe the website. My family can't get all the

photos in the albums! Geri

Rusty, is that you with a beard in the hospital? Your niece is beautiful.

I'm sure you are a proud uncle.


She looks opinionated! Hope she's a liberal. A future JAF for sure.


> Wow! Pumpkinhead really is adorable (I love the way she does her

> hair--wonder how I can get mine to do the same...) It's not just your

> subjective avuncular view: she is a stunning specimen. I'm transfixed by

> her bright and engaged eyes and her rosebud of a mouth.

> Thanks so much for sharing her, Sanda


Thanks so much!!! She is adorable and so alert! I appreciate you sharing

these as it always brightens my day to see babies.

take care,


At 08:32 AM 6/21/2001 -0700, you wrote:

>Dear friends,

>I thought you might enjoy these photos of my 3 and 1/2 month old niece,

>Nastasja, as much as I do (how could you not!).

>She was born February 27, 2001 to my brother, Zake and his wife, Kimlou.




Mon 5-14-2001 4:18 PM


it was cool/strange in your previous family e-mail when you said that

yesterday N looked like B for a moment. i can see it though.

Wed 5-2-2001 4:08 PM

Re: New pixs of Nastasja

I'm only on the shower pictures so far, and all I can say is "THAT'S

RANDY?!?!?!" uh, did he lose some weight or what?

Thanks for sharing the pics. I can't promise that I won't send more

comments like the above in the near future. :)


Thu 4-26-2001 3:48 AM

RE: read before you click the link

Attached file: Mike-with.jpg


why it does show? I dunno. Did you do this on a mac? tje reason I ask is

that when I right click on the img it show Type: not available. other then

that check spelling and path.

Don't post bad picks dude, even the most secure individual is gonna squirm

andf seek therapy. just zoom in like crazy and select the burn toll (that

the hand creating a circle icon or just it the O key), then select a brush

that's the same size as the red area and blast it away. You gotta knock down

the sweating effect also. check out attached.