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Warning: while really not that bad some people are slightly put off by these pictures - we've started to refer to this section as the "birth control pictures."

This was a very intense time for both mother and father (coach and photographer).
Many moments were not captured on film.
Escaping the camera are all the waiting and the whole of the pushing section too.

Here is the cesarian section surgery from Mom's point of view:

This is the actual delivery, at 10:06 PM 2-27-2001:

Baby weighs in at 10 pounds and 5 ounces!

Some of the first contact of the new little family (the anesthesiologist snapped this one for us):

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Kimlou / Zake / Nastasja hospital delivery timeline

· Checked into Lankanau at 7:30PM for induction
· At 8:30PM Kimlou was at 4cm dialation and induction was canceled; mild contractions with a length of less than a minute were about 11 minutes apart
· We were allowed to eat dinner and drink
· Slept over, no real comfy place for Dad

· Barely allowed to eat breakfast
· Moved to labor and delivery section
· Still at 4cm; mild contractions about one minute long and 9 minutes apart
· Doctor broke manually broke the water at 8:16AM
· 10AM 6cm
· IV put in in preparation for epidural
· 11 - 11:30ish AM epidural started at 12 mL/H
· 12:30PM 8cm and 100% effaced
· 2:30PM Epidural down to 8mL/H
· 4:30PM 9cm
· 4:35PM 30PM Epidural down to 6mL/H
· 5:15PM 9cm
· 5:45PM 10cm
· 6ish PM cathetered…
· 6:15PM push!
· 6:35 PM Epidural down to 4mL/H
· 6:51 PM Epidural down to 2mL/H
· 8:30 PM stopped pushing, Epidural down up to 14mL/H
· 8:40 PM second catheter and a shave
· c-section
· 10:06 PM Nastasja born: 10 lb 5 oz 22.5 inches long

2-28-01 thru 3-2-0
· Many visitors, discovery, learing, and bonding

· New family goes home

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